The Charleston- A popular Jazz Age Dance

This media is footage of the popular Charleston dance which was a popular dance from the Jazz Age or 1920s. A man and a woman are depicted and the steps of the dance are highlighted. This is most likely an instructional video showing the viewers how to perform the Charleston. The woman is a flapper because most new age women as they were, participated in more popular dancing routines and get ups. The traditional slow dancing and waltzes were replaced by newer forms inspired by African American folk dances. The historical change it represents is the transformation of American society to a more individualistic and popular culture centered one. The 1920s brought about a change from progressive ideals to those of consumer products and the latest new fashion. New dances including the Charleston became a staple of the identity of women and flappers in the United States. The change represents the new cultural freedoms offered to women that they were previously denied.

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