Flapper Fashion

In the 1920’s, the new “modern” women of the decade were called flappers. They started to go to pubs, smoke, drink and dance; but the most important of all, they make a fashion statement .  Flappers wore loose fitting outfits that were armless and not only did their skirts go passed their ankles, it ended right below the knee! How daring. They matched their bobbed haircuts with close-fitting hats and big flashy jewelery. They always had on 2-3 inched heels so they could be ready to dance along with the jazz music they listened to. They flapper look always consisted of “heavy makeup”. They had on skinny-straight eyebrows, dark eyes, dark lips, blush and tanned skin. (Not the orange skin people sport nowadays.) Flappers made a big fashion statements in the 1920’s and is still a huge influence in the fashion industry in the 21st century.

Here’s a makeup tutorial if you wanted to look like a flapper.

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