President Roosevelt says America Must be the Aid

The link above shows a speech that President Roosevelt made to Congress on August 21st, 1941 in regards to the Atlantic Charter. In his message he speaks about aiding democracies in both the East and West in the war against dictatorships and the “principal aggressor of the modern world– Germany.” He argues that avoiding war in efforts to maintain peace would only give Nazism what they want; domination over other countries. In this statement he is implying to Congress that World War II is a “good war” to participate in. Instead of focusing on the benefits he mostly states what could happen if they did not participate such as the Nazi government gaining control. He speaks about the American role in the war as a helping hand and hero rather than as a victim, which creates a tone of less severity.┬áPresident Roosevelt denigrates the Nazi government by saying that their beliefs or laws hold no value. He then follows by demanding the need for religious, political and educational freedom not only in America but also in the world, implying that America understands this concept and must spread it.

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