Hitler: Pants Down

This is a political cartoon of Adolf Hitler in swastika-branded boxers. The “panzers” in the cartoon not only refers to his pants down, but also the panzer tanks littered in the background. This propaganda poster is in favor the war and depicts Hitler in a bad light. The artist wanted to show Hitler as some kind of tyranny and in some way, mocking us, by having him mooning and shaking his butt. The artist also probably wanted to challenge the Neutrality Act and saying that neutrality will only lead to repressing results. Germany was becoming too aggressive by then and appeasement only led to further aggravation. If America joined the war, we can bring him down by defeating his army and tanks. The poster persuades us that by continuing on “firing,” he will go down, along with his “panzers.” Of course, this was one of many posters that was pro-war and America did eventually enter war on December 7, 1941.

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