Taxes to bury the Axis!

This carton called “The Spirit of ’43,” was produced by Walt Disney and directed by Jack King. It shows  Donald Duck as an everyday man torn between spending his money and saving it. Obviously the director of this movie wanted to show Americans the importance of saving their money and how it helped the war. The main theme of the cartoon was “taxes to bury the Axis!” Americans were encouraged to save thier money so they could pay their taxes fully and on time.  According to the carton “taxes will keep democracy on the march” and “every dollar you spend for something you don’t need is a dollar spent to help the Axis.” In the end, we are shown how the tax money is used to build ships and different equipment in the fight for freedom of speech and fear.

                    “The Spirit of ’43” was seen by 26 million Americans, and more than a third of them later admitted they began saving for their taxes partly thanks to Donald (“Donald vs. Hitler, Sven Stillich ).

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