The Boost to Utilization

Hitler Recycles

This poster depicts an array of assorted household items arranged to form the face of Adolph Hitler. The artist, Vanderlaan’s goal was to incite the American populace to economize as much as practical and save, reuse, and recycle all possible materials. This was done to help the war effort by allowing the major industrial powers to concentrate on producing materials for the war-front (in this case, aircraft built by the Douglas Aircraft Company)  and not waste their resources on consumer products that need not be bought. This poster worked hand in hand with the many rations put in place on many commodities in the US during WWII. I think this poster, along with the thousands of other war-time posters, effectively succeeded in promoting individual frugality and helped stir the US into a more nationalistic, united country, better fit to win the total war that WWII brought upon the world.

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