Women’s Freedom at Home & For Everyone Else

Dishwaser Advetisment in the 1950s

The “Golden Age” of the 1950s was the period of time of an easy life for everyone. Of the suburban areas, women in commercials and television shows were portrayed as the homemaker, while the men were off at work. Even though, the women was portrayed as the housewife, they had more personal freedom than they had before as a housewife because of modern technology. Women didn’t have to cook or wash the dishes and clothes by hand. Modern day technology had created frozen, prepared meals, a dishwasher, and a washing machine. Now the housewife had more free time on her hand.

Not only women had more free time on her hand, but she, as well as men, lived longer because of drugs developed during WWII to help fight off infections. With this free time, couples had more children, in which this caused the “baby boom”. These new modern conveniences started the era of a “consumer culture”, in which Americans bought more consumer goods to live in luxury and comfort. Going towards the 60s to the present, technology continued to advance to create more products to ease our way of living.

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