The younger generation

The birth of the word “teenager” happened in the 1950’s. They coined it because there was a growing population and the 50’s was when the teenagers gained a tremendous amount of freedom.One major thing that increased independence for teenagers was their choice in music. They preferred rock and roll above all else. They would be able to go out and listen to their favorite songs at a concert or a club and dance the night away.

Typical skirt and leather jacket for females and males of the 1950's teenager generation

Along with the freedom teenagers got with their music taste, their clothing changed as well. The most influential film that changed style was Grease. Teenage boys would have their hair slicked back with a wave and their leather jackets with jeans and a pair of tennis shoes. The girls would wear poodle skirts, blouses or jeans. Polka dots were also a trend for girls and it was a pattern for many clothing items such as skirts and blouses.

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