Freedom against Communism

Videos clips that were made to teach how to distinguish a communist shows that  the Americans viewed communism in a negative manner, and as a result, shows that they wanted to be free from communist influence.

One of the most important freedom in chapter 24 seems to be the Western nations’, especially America’s, freedom from communism. During the “Kitchen Debate”, President Nixon demonstrated the daily lives of the Americans. He then asked the people of sub-urban Soviet where they would want to live. At a regular Soviet households or at high-tech American houses that have washing machines and sweeping robots. Of course, this was to introduce capitalism and embed in the middle-class people’s mind that capitalism is superior to communism as they can clearly see from the difference in lifestyles. Ideally, this could not only stop the growth of communism but also convert people to capitalism.

The “Domino Theory” is an idea that if a nation falls under communist rule, its surrounding nations are also likely to fall under the communist rule. In this sense, both the “Kitchen Debate” and the “Domino Theory” are similar in that they are meant to  stop the spreading of the communism and protect capitalism.

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