Freedom Women

The first video shows that life for women was getting easier, although women were given the role of household keeper, they had more leisure time. The many technological advancements helped the housewife’s duties become easier. For example, the creation of dishwashers, washing machines, and vacuums. Another advancement was “already-made” meals. This saved women time and money. In the Golden Age women were the handlers of the family expenses, these one time buy advancements saved the family money especially since cars have been improved as well. Men of the family started to spend money on gas, there were many commercials of the 50s that advertised new cars and gases with low prices.

The next video is an example of the advancement in cars around the 50s. The beginning of the video shows the freedom that women started to get. After getting a second car for the family the women of the family could now go anywhere at anytime. In the video, this was the “Two-Ford” deal. The advancements in technology gave women more leisure time to themselves where as men always had this leisure time. In having more leisure time, women were now able to drive around to reach the areas of invitation they receive.

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