Give peace a chance.

This song is aimed at getting people to rethink their position on the Vietnam War. It was trying to get people to realize that fighting is not the answer. It was one of the most popular anti-war songs of the time. John Lennon was and still is today very well known and his music inspired and touched many people. The years before, after, and during the Vietnam War were ones of many trials and tribulations. People held ongoing protests and rallies for and against the war. They wanted their opinions to be heard by all means possible. This song though clearly against the war, asked for a peaceful resolution to everything including the violent protests. As people listened to this song I definitely think it inspired them and did cause them to at least rethink what reasons they have to hold the position they do on the war. John Lennon was an inspirational figure in the history of music. In this song he defines freedom as peace and tells everyone to “give peace a chance” and see what comes of it.

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