Imagine, John Lennon

Imagine was the opening track of English musician John Lennon’s album that he released in 1971. Through the lyrics of this song, Lennon is asking us to imagine among other things a world of peace free of greed and hunger. In the song he points to the fact that one might think he is a dreamer for imagining such things but he adds that he hopes people will join him “and the world will be as one.”

Lennon defines equality explicitly by telling us to imagine a world without the things that drives people apart.  He calls us to imagine a world with no countries so nepotism will be vanquished. He asks us imagine a world without religion so there will be no religious discrimination. He wants us to imagine  there being no possessions so the issue of classicm will be no more.  And then  he calls for “all the people [ to share] all the world.”

At the time the song was released its very easy to imagine what people must have thought about it.  Its easy to imagine that back then people were indeed trying to imagine this idyllic world of Lennon’s; a world without the wars, the discrimination, the hate and the violence. Funny enough today, this song is still relevant. We still hope for a world where there will be no greed and people can share all the world.

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