Odette- Path of Victory

This song is dedicated to many rights people are fighting for. The main focus of the song is the chorus.
“Trails of troubles,
Roads of battles,
Paths of victory,
We shall walk.”

These words work for every movement going on at that time and even the hardships today! Back when this was sung, it was mainly for how the blacks will one day gain their freedom and real equality. When I listen to this song, it motivates me to keep on going. When you keep trying and keep doing what you’re striving for, one day you’ll succeed. Motivation is the key. I think when people listened to this song back then, they felt the same way. The idea of freedom and equality is defined by how the person keeps on striving for what they want. They walk through the trails of troubles and the roads of battles and they will get onto the path of victory. I think this song even works for movements today like gay rights.

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