“If I Had a Hammer”  is a song written by Pete Seeger and Lee Hays. It was written in 1949 in support of the progressive movement, and was first recorded by The Weavers, a folk music quartet composed of Seeger, Hays, Ronnie Gilbert and Fred Hellerman, and then by Peter, Paul and Mary.  The song “If I Had a Hammer” was a Civil Rights anthem of the American Civil Rights movement.  It also was a common selection for “folk masses” in Roman Catholic Churches.

The audience would be thinking how if they had a hammer, they could prevent all danger from happening.  There would be love between brothers and sisters and all can be equal and share the same freedom.  There will be justice throughout the land for all, no matter what gender or race they are.  The song was written during the civil rights movement and so it was important in the movement towards freedom.  It is hinted from the song that freedom can be someday achieved and indeed that is the case today.

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