Principles for Library Web Site Redesign

I would like to incorporate general principles for the library web site redesign into the project charter. Please comment on this post with any principles that you would like to recommend. For example, “Every member of the library staff should potentially be able to edit content.” Such a principle would have implications for the content management system we adopt as well as the work flow for the management of the site.

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7 Responses to Principles for Library Web Site Redesign

  1. There should be links with icons for chat reference (or Ask a Librarian) on every page of the library site.

  2. The design should be browser-agnostic.

  3. Chris Tuthill says:

    The user should not have to scroll down the page to see content.

  4. Joseph says:

    Wish list:

    Ultimate power!

    Maximal white space and nice colors.

    Minimal words.

    Icons attached to concepts.

    One click links (no intermediate pages)

    Every page has a clear link back home with a breadcrumb trail.

    All pages ‘above the fold’ if possible and appealing to the eye.

    Consolidated content.

    Every page has a clear link back home with a breadcrumb trail.

    A consistent font style (no mixing serif and sans serif).

    Consistent language.

    Every page has a clear link back home with a breadcrumb trail.

    Full text finder on home page in a prominent place.

    FAQ page.

  5. jhartnett says:

    Realizing I repeated myself a bit there. So much for consolidated content.

    Add quality control to the list (after ultimate power)!

  6. Any RSS feeds on the site should be readily findable. We should use the standard RSS icon to indicate any available feeds and make sure that if you are using a tool like Google Reader or Bloglines it can find the feed on its own. This is not the case with the current site (see especially the News and Events feeds on the home page).

  7. Please see my 23 April 2010 post on instructional aspects of the library website for principles that Randy Hensley, Lisa Ellis, Linda Rath, and I came up with.

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