New Features in Profile Pages in LibGuides

When you create a LibGuide, the system also creates a separate profile page about you (based on the profile information that you provide). I just noticed today that that the template for those profile pages have expanded greatly. Now, in addition to your basic contact information being listed, there are additional tabs of info that you can add content to:

  • Office Hours. I just put 9-5 for mine.
  • More Information. You can put whatever you want here. I put code in for a widget that displays my availability information from my Outlook calendar. When we get that CV system up and running, maybe we’ll be able to republish selected info from it here.
  • Guides. This tab automatically lists each the subject guides that you are the author of.

Here’s my newly customized profile page.

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    4 Responses to New Features in Profile Pages in LibGuides

    1. Hi Stephen,

      Slaven, from Springshare (LibGuides) here. I wanted to add a couple of things to your post…

      1) We have improved the layout of these new profile pages and eliminated the tabs so all the information will be displayed on the page automatically without people having to click on tabs – this improvement will go out to production servers in the next day or two.

      2) There is also the ability to define your own profile by creating a full-blown guide about yourself which will serve as your profile. You would use this if the current options on our enhanced profile page are not sufficient. In this case you would create a guide about yourself (just like you create any other guide in the system) and in the “Redirect URL” field enter the URL of this guide (we will also probably change the title of this field to something like “Profile Guide URL”). If you define this option, i.e. create a guide, this guide will serve as your profile page. As you can imagine, you can get really creative here because creating a full guide about yourself gives you a lot more options, both in terms of the content and the layout.

      Let us know if there are any questions about this stuff –

      Thanks much,
      -Slaven Zivkovic

    2. Hi Stephen, just to update your faithful blog readers 🙂 that we have put into production the new and improved version of enhanced profiles, per my note above. Thanks much.

    3. Slaven: It looks great! It will be interesting to see if these profile pages will offer a substitute to the kind of profile pages that library websites have typically designed themselves. Trying to thing of elegant ways to shoehorn in a CV or abbreviated info about publications and research interests. Will have to investigate what that might look like in a box added to the page.

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