Alumni Guest Accounts

As we prepare for the launch of the new WiFi service in the library, we are examining how repeat “guest” users may be more easily accommodated.  Alumni constitute an important segment of this user population.  In the past three years the library created 3,773 guest accounts (with a 24 hour expiration) for 825 alumni users.  The data suggest that the assignment of accounts to all alumni may not be worthwhile.  Fifty-six percent of the alumni guest account users were “one-time-only” users.  Eighty-four percent of the users obtained a guest account 1 to 5 times over three years.  It may make more sense to reach out to frequent users and provide them with accounts that have longer service periods.  Only 21 users averaged at least one use per month over three years and one user was responsible for 6% of the total accounts issued.

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One Response to Alumni Guest Accounts

  1. Rita Ormsby says:

    Although I like this idea, I am concerned about having to explain at the reference desk the different lengths of guest log-ins to alums who are not frequent users, and other CUNY students who may be frequent users of the library, who often ask now if they could not get a pass for a longer length of time.

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