Quiet Zones

Just a quick roundup of links to libraries who have divvied up library space into different levels of acceptable noise:

Other libraries only spotlight where the quiet areas are:

On a related note, an article from July 16, 2012, in the Chronicle of Higher Education looked at the demand for quiet in the libraries.

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4 Responses to Quiet Zones

  1. I should have noted in my post that working with students directly to come up a zoned noise level policy is probably a good idea, as it makes it more likely that the policy will be aligned with actual (as opposed to perceived) student needs.

  2. Hi Stephen,

    So glad to see this round-up. Our library just implemented a new Study Zones system (Silent, Quiet, Group) this summer to do student outcry on our libqual survey about the noise levels in the library. We have done a lot of marketing and were very thoughtful with the signage we put up, including some very permanent painted signs and a large color-coded map at the building entrance. Here’s our new noise policy and maps of our study zones: http://purchase.libguides.com/policies. So far it seems to be working very well!

  3. rormsby says:

    I found this NYU libguide re quiet study areas: http://nyu.libguides.com/content.php?pid=123054&sid=1619461
    that I thought would be of interest.

  4. A friend at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee emailed me a link to a photo on his library’s Facebook page that promotes quiet study areas.

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