Running Reports on Your LibGuides

Thanks to the “Statistics” module in LibGuides (you have to log in to see it), you can run reports that can help you answer questions like:

  • On this particular guide I did, what links are getting clicked the most and the least?
  • Which page on this guide is getting the most views?
  • Which guide of mine has gotten the most views?

If you’re interested in looking at statistics that cut across all of our LibGuides, you can do fun things like run a report on the Databases page to see what database links are most often clicked on during a specific time period:

Database links on Databases page ranked by clicks--26 Dec 2012 through 22 Jan 2013

Or you can see what LibGuides got the most page views during a time period you define:

Most popular LibGuides between 1 Jul 2012 and 22 Jan 2013

How to Get to the Statistics

  • Login at the “Admin Signin Link” on the top right of any LibGuide
  • Once you’re logged in, click “Statistics” from the yellow bar at the top of the page:

LibGuides--Statistics on dashboard

  • Use the drop down to select which guide of yours you want to analyze:


  • The default report you’ll see for any guide you select focuses on the pages in that guide and ranking them by views:

Default report view

  • Click “Links” to run a report listing the links on your guide as ranked by clicks:

Stats on links on Psychology LibGuide

For the report on links, keep in mind this important caveat noted in the Springshare documentation:

Links is a sum of the clicks on specific content in your guides; these clicks are tracked in Simple Web Links, Links and Lists, Books from the Catalog, Documents and Files, and Dates and Events box types. They are not tracked in the Rich Text Box.

In other words, links you’ve manually added in blank spaces in various boxes won’t be counted; links that have been added using the link lists feature will be counted:

What links are counted


Feel free to ask me for help running and interpreting these reports.

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