Learn How Your Scholarly Communication Workflows Compare to Your Peers

A pair of researchers at Utrecht University Library have been studying the shifting scholarly communication workflows in a major project they call “Innovations in Scholarly Communication.” They’ve done a number of great presentations that capture the adoption and use of various tools and systems that researchers use for:

  • discovery of sources in the literature
  • reading and annotating the sources they find
  • analyzing data
  • writing
  • publishing scholarly works
  • archiving their scholarly works
  • archiving their data
  • assessing the impact of their research

You can take their survey yourself and then get a customized report back that compares your tool use to others. Here’s mine.

This is a great and easy way to learn about new tools and might be something to share with faculty you work with across campus. If school wants to benchmark practices across campus, you can contact the survey authors to set up a custom URL and survey dataset.

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