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Tech Sharecase, 10 April 2015

Edward Snowden and Government Surveillance

We watched two video clips of Edward Snowden being interviewed by John Oliver (the language and humor may not be for everyone);


After watching Edward Snowden’s take on passwords (actually, he recommends passphrases as more secure), we talked about the Diceware method of generating super secure passphrases.

Google Cardboard

From Arthur, we learned about the Google Cardboard project that allows you use a simple cardboard set of goggles (that you can buy or make yourself) and a smartphone to create a really impressive virtual reality headset. Here’s a video we watched to learn more about it:

Next Meeting of the Tech Sharecase

We might bring in a Google Cardboard headset kit, build it, and try it out (I promised I would buy one of my own for this).

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