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Tech Sharecase, 21 October 2011

Janey Chao, Stephen Francoeur, Rita Ormsby, Ryan Phillips, Mike Waldman

Digital Public Library of America
We took a look at the demo site for the ShelfLife-Library Cloud interface that the Harvard Library Innovation Lab put together for its proposal to the Digital Public Library of America. We also discussed what the mission of the Digital Public Library of America could be or should be (or could never be).

Going Public with Price Hike Info
We talked about this blog post by Barbara Fister that shed light on price hikes at her library for SAGE and ACS journals. This led to a larger discussion of big deal journal subscriptions and open access publishing in general.

Foreign Language Dictionaries and Language Instruction
We discussed a few options for foreign language dictionaries (notable Oxford Dictionaries Online) and language instruction (Mango, which we have a trial for, and Rosetta Stone).

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