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Tech Sharecase, 7 March 2014


Frank Donnelly gave a great presentation about LaTeX, which he uses especially for documentation (manuals, handouts, etc.) that he wants to have print copies of. He also spoke about using it to compose a journal article he recently submitted (the file sent to the journal editors was converted to PDF). Frank shared with me the links to the resources he mentioned:

TeX Live – Source for downloading the LaTeX system, includes the basic Texworks editor:

Getting to Grips with LaTeX – great tutorial:

LaTeX Wikibook – another great tutorial and reference guide:

LaTeX Cheat Sheet – indispensible:

TeX StackExchange – forum for posting questions and getting help:

LaTeX beginner’s guide by Stefan Kottwitz – CUNY e-book (ebrary):

Anonymity on the Web

Thanks to Frank, we also had a spontaneous discussion of tools for maintaining anonymity online. We looked at the Ghostery browser extension that lets you block third-party cookies. We also learned about DuckDuckGo search engine that doesn’t log your personal info as you search. For an explanation of why you might not want to be tracked as you search, we looked at this nice explanation from DuckDuckGo that is probably worth sharing with our students.

Upcoming Meetings of the Tech Sharecase

We talked about a couple of ideas for future get togethers:

Next meetings are scheduled for:

  • April 4
  • May 2
  • June 6
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