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Help Amber

sm156522 on Dec 9th 2015

Contemporary Document

This document is a ghost story abut four young girls playing with a ouija board for the first time. First thinking it was a joke the girls mess around with it, until it takes hold of one of their hands and they seem to be communicating with a ghost. They communicate with a girl Amber who is asking for their help, the board spells help over and over again. In the end the girls hear on the news that there was a flood in Alabama and among the deceased, was a girl named Amber. This ghost story applies to our wonderland because of the supernatural element. Before mental illness was treated as a medical issue it was considered spiritual, this document is a story told to kids about communicating with different spirits. Also Ouija boards are a game many kids have or had the access to and the whole “speaking to ghosts or spirits” may be deemed insane by none believers which ¬†fits in with our binary of sane versus insane.

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