Log 4

fz159810 on Dec 14th 2015


Brunette # 2 goes to find an empty seat in the corner. She seems to be acting normal.  Her knee-high socks are at different lengths; one covering her knee, and the other loosely hanging around her ankle.  She doesn’t seem to care.  She seems to be reading an ad on the wall across from her, but her face says she’s confused by what she’s reading.  She tilts her head, as if it would help her understand what she was reading.  Once again, her eyes glaze over.  She suddenly stiffens and her eyes widen.  She slowly looks down at her feet, and begins to scream.  She starts kicking, flailing out of her seat.  She falls onto the train floor and pushes her way away from her seat, screaming “GET OFF ME.  DON’T TOUCH ME” at something under her seat.  There is nothing there.  She backs up into the train door, still sitting on the floor.  She whips her head around to her right and seems to see something else.  She gets up and starts running to the other side of the car, but trips in a few feet.  She pushes herself up and puts her hands in front of her face.  She looks at them in horror, sobbing now.  “Are these claws?”, she asks herself.  Claws?  Her nails are long, but not bad enough to be described as claws….  She gets up and staggers to the other end of the car.  She leans against a pole, but pushes herself off and looks at her behind.  She starts to pet something a few inches above her body, as if stroking a tail.  She looks at it in wonder, not for long, as she looks over at the seat she was sitting in earlier.  Whatever she saw seems to be coming after her.  Could she be faking these reactions?  Who’s attention is she trying to get?  There’s no one else in the car.

She backs away into the train door that connects the cars.  She looks behind her, as if contemplating actually opening the door and leaving the car, but she turns and gets on all fours.  She hisses, as if back in the state she was in in the last car.  The train is suddenly enveloped in light, coming from the windows.  It’s gone aboveground, approaching Court Square.  The light distracts her, and she turns to the windows, to see where the light came from.  She looks back at whatever she was backing away from and stands up straight.  It seems to be gone.  She sits in a seat near her and gets off at Court Square….only to show up in another car.  

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