Log 6

fz159810 on Dec 14th 2015

5:06 p.m

I finished my shift, and now I’m going to do what has been bothering me all day.  I’m going to go through the cars and look at whatever ads she did that caused her (in my opinion) to start acting that way.  

In the first car, I stand where she was standing and look at the ad she saw.  It is an ad describing “Que Viene el Coco”.  There is a picture of a woman protecting her children from a hooded figure.  This figure, Coco, ate naughty children.  I immediately recalled her biting the child’s leg and her mother saying that she “should have behaved.”

I go to the next car, where she had her second “episode”.  I sit where she sat and look up.  There is an ad about A Mobius Strip, with a little blurb describing mania and hysteria.  Brunette #2 was definitely hysterical.  

I get out and go to the next and last car she was on.  I walk through the car and lean on the pole she was leaning on.  I look at the ad that she looked at before her eyes glazed over, and saw yet another ad that gave information, this time about something called “The Cotard Delusion”.  Apparently, people who went this thought they were legitimately dead.

How strange…..

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