Log 3

fz159810 on Dec 14th 2015

7:41 am

The train stops at Vernon-Jackson Avenue.

A few people get off the train. A mother and young daughter, approximately around the age of 4 get on and stand near the doors opposite of the second brunette girl. A quick sweep of the car shows that all of the possible suspects are stable, none have had any change in activity. The mother who recently boarded is reading something on her ipad while her daughter is looking at our second brunette girl in question. This seems to agitate the brunette a bit, she is shifting her feet and awkwardly looking around. Her eyes rest on ad across from her on the wall.  She seems to be reading it, and her brows furrow in concentration.  Her eyes glaze over and almost immediately, she snaps out of it.  As the little girl is relentless with her fixed gaze, brunette #2 stares back.  She looks and sounds as if she is almost growling at the small child. Growling? can’t be, girls do not growl. Whatever this girl is doing does not seem to phase any passenger on the train, not even the little girl’s own mother, who is still fixed on the words upon her screen.  I cannot help to notice the tension though, between brunette #2 and the little girl. Brunette #3 seems to have struck up an animated conversation with the old man she is seated next to, it’s getting loud, you can see others start to look in their direction. But wait, while that is happening.  I notice a quick movement near the second door of the cart. It’s brunette #2! and her teeth are latched on to the little girl’s leg! The little girl’s mom just looks down, shakes her head and gives a quick push to brunette #2 and continues to read, as if this was a normal interaction for her young daughter to have with a preteen girl. “Didn’t I tell you this would happen if you didn’t behave?” she muttered.  The little girl is screaming, terrified of Brunette #2.  Brunette #2 looked around and as the doors opened at the Hunter Avenue stop.  She runs off on all fours.

What?? Now showing on cart #2’s camera appears brunette #2. But didn’t she just get off the train? Well at least she’s back to walking on two feet.

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