Log 2

fz159810 on Dec 14th 2015

7:32 am

The train stops at Grand Central-42nd Street.

About 30 people or so pour in through the three doors on this cart. The suspect in question is a girl described as having dark brown hair and carrying grey jansport backpack, around the age of 12. The commotion of the 42nd street stops calms down as the train departs from the station, all passengers are either calmly seated or standing. There are four brown haired adolescent girls on this cart at this particular moment, it could be any one of them. One is seated between one of the young school boys and a large man in a suit, her head is down, brown hair falling all over her face as she’s looking at the book that is laying upon her grey backpack in her lap. Doesn’t seem to be an imminent threat. I’ll move on. The second brunette girl is leaning against one of the train doors wearing knee high socks and a dark blue skirt, she probably goes to school with the three young school boys who are now becoming a little rambunctious. She shares the train door with a middle aged woman, they do not seem to know each other however they share a few words. Doesn’t seem to be our girl. The next brunette is seated on the far end of the train next to the original old man reading his paper, she has her grey backpack on the ground between her feet and a large sketchbook in her lap. The last brunette is seated directly across from her, with her grey backpack on her lap, she has headphones in and seems to be playing a game on her phone.

As of now, none of these girls look too suspicious.

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