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g.arrieta on Dec 13th 2015

NY Wonderland

Or the Monsters will Getcha

An insane idea that is widely used as a tactic for unsolicited parenting is the idea of referencing monsters when behaving a child. “If you stay up all night, the Boogey Man will get you.” Children, being naïve and susceptible to believing every word they hear, grow damaging fears to the monsters found in the dark. Psychologically, irrational fears like these can break a child’s mind. Many adults seem to think that little white (insane) lies are simply the easiest way to teach a child the correct way of doing things.

Typically, the definition of a “monster” is an inhumanly cruel or terrible creature. Maybe the monsters we should be afraid of are not the ones found under our beds or in our dark closets; perhaps they are the ones that make us believe that those monsters are bad.



NY Wonderland 2

Mania causes people, especially children, to have delusions based on their fears.  Tell a child a ghost story, and chances are, they will claim to see the ghost or monster from the story in their rooms at night.




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The Message

A reminder to our protagonist. Will she ever find out what it means?

In our crazy underground NYC wonderland our protagonist is presented with this hieroglyphic message that in english reads “Don’t forget to take your medicine.” If she figured this out sooner would it have saved her from this wonderland?