Ev Bessar’s Debut Fashion Show at NYFW

Emerging young fashion designer, Ev Bessar debuted her Fall/Winter 2016 Collection on Thursday, February 11th at Gotham Hall for this season’s New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Titled as one of New York’s most influential up-and-coming fashion designers of her time, Ev Bessar is respected and recognized in the industry for her innovative modus in using raw and complex textures such as leather, fur, feathers, and yarn. In her most recent debut show, Bessar presented a collection that was not only head-turning among the fashion realm but also eye-opening. Heavily inspired by her need to help the disabled, Bessar centered her most recent collection on the Russian folklore “The Firebird,” which is a tale about a bird with mysterious healing qualities. Beaming with bright red eyes and copious furs and feathers, her models walked the runway bearing cutting-edge pieces that are avant-garde to what is typically seen at NYFW. For her latest collection, Bessar seamlessly demonstrated her artistry by designing pieces that could be worn by both both men and women; and although modern designers are starting to fashion similar techniques, Bessar’s fresh take on androgynous fashion marks a revolutionary moment in fashion history.

With about 850 people at her debut show, Bessar and her team worked tirelessly to make the event run as smooth as possible. From getting the models to and from the stage, Bessar’s team handled everything with order and discipline. Although it was chaotic at times, Bessar’s show was ultimately a success. At the end of the show, Style Fashion Week, the main organizer of the event, held an after party with open bar and local entertainment.


  1. Loved your event, Christina. The lighting may have been hard to work with, but I believe it aided in how the mood was captured. The photos follow a cool story line, great job!

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