NYFW 2016: Morgan Le Fay

It is the Semi -annual series of popular events in New York Fashion Week. As it happens every year, New York Fashion Week Women’s Fall/ Winter 2017 will be on Feb. 9th to 16th. NY is one of the most fashion capitals in the world; all fashion people come to this city and gather to capture the moment of the newest collection. Fashion week is the designer’s D-day when they present their brand new collection where all designers have put their heart and soul into to make a masterpiece of clothing. Of course they put same amount of effort to arrange the perfect location, time, space design and guests to enhance the appeal of designer’s newest line. In a week of such a storm, Morgan Le Fay presented their collection on the last day of NYFW at the High Line Hotel.

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  1. Hi Yoshiko!
    I love these! I like the way you combined all these great detail shots with wider ones that show the real setting. I love the one of the models walking out, your use of light is really fantastic. The only thing I would maybe suggest, even though clearly it’s hard in the middle of a fashion show, is some close up portrait shots of the models or of the audience members.
    Great job altogether!

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