Long Island City Neighborhood By Jonathan Huang

Long Island City (L.I.C.) is the westernmost residential and commercial neighborhood of the New York City borough of Queens. L.I.C. is most noteable  for its rapid and ongoing residential growth and architecture designs along with its waterfront parks, and its thriving arts community. L.I.C. has among the highest concentration of art galleries, art institutions, and studio space of any neighborhood in New York City. Long Island City was once home to many factories and bakeries, some of which are finding new uses.


  1. You certainly convey the importance of Long Island City’s proximity to the water. But now I’d like you to move towards the interior. Let’s see what the residential neighborhood is like framed against all the industrial sites. There’s a lot of construction going on. How is that impacting the neighborhood.

    I like the way you shot at different times of day. The night photos are quite good but I’d like to see people in them.

    Please number your photos so I can refer to them and help you with the edit but I need numbers. There are too many photos of buildings.

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