Welcome Baruch Career-Seekers!

Hello Student Readers,

In a school of over 17,000 regular, transfer, and international students we represent a mixture of individuals with rich cultures all working towards one goal: a Career. This is what unites us as students in a mission for success, an individual success to which we each have our own definition.

Peers for Careers a small body of student leaders in the Starr Career Development Center have reached out to Baruch in a variety of ways through resume reviews, career workshops, and career fairs. But in addition to providing career help and referring students to the center’s resources we would also like to share our voices.

The launch of this blog followed a series of meetings with student leaders and Career Center staff about what it should be about. What we found most important was to address the collective career experiences and issues students face.

This blog will tap into our experiences as we help fellow students with their careers, while embarking on the same journey ourselves. We will promote tips and summaries of our latest Career Center events to keep you in the loop. And to preview: we will have interviews with noteworthy Baruch students and stories from alumni.We hope this blog will be a space to highlight common challenges faced by students and keep you in the know of what other students have done to step up their game.

With that said, I am pleased to announce the launch of Starrlights: Peers Speak Careers.

On behalf of the Peers for Careers Blog Committee, I would like to thank everyone especially Dr. Ellen Stein and Dr. Lisa Orbe-Austin from the Starr Career Development Center for their help in launching this blog. And a special shout out to Mr. Luke Waltzer from the Schwartz Communication Institute for his help!

Welcome Greetings,
Kamelia Kilawan
Blog Committee Chair
Peer for Career