Getting the Most out of OCR

(As originally published in the Ticker, 9/15/2014)

By Alina Nesterenko, Peer for Career

On-campus recruitment is here! Here are some things to remember during this time so you can maximize your chances of landing a job.

1. Start by making sure your resume is as close to perfect as possible. Have your resume reviewed by the Starr Career Development Center as well as mentors or professionals in your field. New opportunities constantly come up on Starr Search, so get in the habit of checking the site regularly. Once you have submitted your resume into the resume drop, track your interview status on Starr Search.

2. At the same time, make sure you are preparing for interviews by doing company research, following the industry news, and thinking of insightful questions to ask your interviewer. You should also utilize a new mock interview module located on the left side of the Starr Search login page, and schedule a mock interview at SCDC.

3. Finally, use your network! Find out about the company’s culture and the interview process from friends and colleagues. These resources will help you know what to expect for the on-campus interview.