What To Do After a Career Fair

(As originally published in the Ticker, 9/8)

By Yahya Khan, Peer for Career

A career fair is a wonderful opportunity to connect with organizations and network before the fall recruiting season kicks into high gear. The following are a few tips to keep in mind after your visit to a career fair:

1. Follow up with a Thank You email: Sending a succinct thank you email will make you memorable to recruiters and professionals and lay the foundation for a long lasting relationship. It is important to be courteous in the email and mention something unique that was discussed so that the receiver is left with a favorable impression and remembers who you were.

2. Attend information sessions/networking events: Several information sessions and networking events will be held on campus as the fall recruiting season progresses. It is important to attend these in order to learn more about different companies and the opportunities they offer, and to match your face to a resume. By showing up at several events and asking insightful questions, students can stand out from their peers and elevate their chances of receiving a first round interview slot.