Welcome Back: Three Career Tips for the Fall Season

(As originally published in the Ticker, 8/25/14)

By Soobin Choi, Peer for Career

Welcome Bearcats! Summer vacation is over and classes are starting. Spend this semester exploring which industry is right for you. The first step is to prepare for the upcoming CPA Fair and Career Day. Gaining hands-on experience will surely let you know if you are a fit for the industry.

How can you prepare? Here are three tips.

1) Update your profile on STARR Search. Make sure to upload your updated resume and unofficial transcript. Also be sure to update your year and GPA. Certain workshops and job opportunities show up on STARR Search based on your academic year, so it is imperative that you maintain the most recent information.

2) Research. Under the ‘Events’ tab on STARR Search, choose ‘Career Fairs’ which lists participating organizations. Thoroughly research the company and positions available. On the day of the career fair, you will be prepared to answer and also ask any specific questions. Recruiters will note your passion towards their company.

3) Don’t forget to follow up. Thank you notes! After a brief talk with a recruiter, ask for his business card. Right after the conversation, jot down what you discussed. Making a note on the business card will trigger your memory when writing a thank you note. Include what you discussed with the recruiter and what you can bring to the company, showing your interest and why they should consider you.

Enjoy and good luck!