Writing II KMWF

Blog 5

The art piece that stood out to me the most was “untitled” (one day this kid) by David Wojnarowicz.

  1. How does this piece’s rhetorical properties contribute to its meaning? (think blending of image/ text, tone, audience, color, design, etc) We can see that Wojnarowicz uses repetition to show his purpose and persuade the audience of the negative things that this little boy can face in the future if he chooses to be with another boy. We can also infer that this art piece was created years ago because of the black and white style. This is an important point because it explains what were the strong expectations of the people back then where we can definitely say are very different now even though there are many people till this day that don’t approve. In addition,  the author chooses wording that makes people feared for what this boy can one day experience.
  2. How does the text resonate with social or political concerns of the present?in our recent years many have been fighting for their rights to be able to express themselves for who they really are regardless of sexuality and decisions. We live in a society now where people still carry expectations but even more people have stood up for who they are.
  3. What conclusions can you draw from this text to build an argument for what impact art might make on political or social concerns? Just because a boy discovers that he has “desires to place his naked body on the naked body of another boy”does not mean that he is any less of a human. Times have changed which means that peoples mindsets should also change and get used to this new world we live in because no matter our race, sexuality, or opinions anyone should be able to make a choice without being judged.