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Blog 11: Remix Proposal

For this Remix Project, I am planning to remix my research paper which was based on a movie called the “La Misma Luna”, solely focusing on immigration. Like, their experience coming to America and the stereotypes they face. As of right now I’m not completely sure what I want to make, but some options I have in mind is either creating a powerpoint presentation/google slides or a video that is able to capture what I focused on in my research paper. The purpose of my project would be to provide a visual representation of why immigrants choose to come to America, their experiences (good or bad) and how “La Misma Luna” was able to resonate with many immigrant people. With this project I will be able to include images and my own voice/thoughts on my topic.

By remaking my work into a multimedia piece, I will be able to freely and creatively put together a different version of my research paper. One that doesn’t strictly focus on the structure of an essay yet still manages to deliver the same purpose I had as my research paper. Although I may not be able to share as much information and data with this project compared to my research paper, I still think a gain of this project is the visual aspect of it which will be able to engage and intrigue my audience.

The biggest challenge would be being able to fit all the points I want to mention and think are important for my presentation. As for what I like best, is that I can have fun when creating this project by approaching it in a creative way. My personal motivation is to create something that is able to share why immigrants seek to come to America and what they face when they do so. I will be able to do this by using the film I chose, “La Misma Luna”, to add onto the purpose of this project.

4 thoughts on “Blog 11: Remix Proposal”

  1. You seem to be having fun with the project, especially in being able to have this space of creativity with the subject, which will most likely positively affect your presentation as it seems that you will be really creative when making it. I wonder which stories or images you will be primarily focused on for the presentation, and I cant wait to see your end result.

  2. I think your ideas for this project are really good and seem to bring out your creative side and it seems like a very unique idea that would be fun to watch/learn about so I look forward to hearing it.

  3. I agree with what you said that a big challenge is being able to fit all points that you have in mind. Since you are planning to take this opportunity to create a visual aspect of your theme using the movie I think it would be a great idea to show some clips of important part of the movie.

  4. I agree that the project is more so about having a less detailed but interesting and engaging project. You have a good direction when it comes to your project and it should be compelling.

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