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Blog 11

For my remix project, I decided to choose the second essay about choosing artwork and focusing on an issue within it. The show I chose was SKY Castle, and the issue of parents putting pressure on kids to be successful and get into the best schools. I think that focusing on that essay would be easier for me to visualize and I feel like it would be more entertaining. I was going to do either a slideshow or a video. I’m leaning more towards the video but I feel like that might be a little hard because there’s a lot I want to include. If that doesn’t work out, my second option is the slideshow.

I plan to make a video that’s similar to the one shown in class, but a little different because I want to include some clips from the show as examples. I have to make the video a little broad because it’s condensing an 8-page paper into a 2-5 min video. So I want to make sure to talk about and include my main points. I have to remember to make the video appealing. I don’t just wanna have texts on the screen and play clips from the show. I should make it so that the audience is both learning and enjoying the video. I’m still thinking about doing a voiceover or not though. Originally, I thought of doing a podcast but I wanted something more visual. I’m planning to use either iMovie or final cut pro. I’m still debating if I should make it somewhat animated, or just put in pictures with a voiceover.

If I decide to do a slideshow, which is my second option, I want to make it stand out and essentially do the same things that I would’ve done in the video.


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  1. The plan you have shows that you have a lot of ideas, and they all seem to come together to make a unique and interesting project. I wonder which clips in specific you would want to chase for the presentation, such as ones of the kids struggling, parents’ pressure, both? Overall, your presentation seems to be very interesting.

  2. I am also struggling with the part about putting the information in the paper into the video because the video is quite short. I am looking forward to seeing how you will solve that problem!

  3. I am also facing similar difficulties as you in your remix project. I feel that putting what you have in your 7-page research paper into a smaller video or slides is difficult when we also need to make sure we don’t present past 3 minutes.

  4. I see that you have a good sense of direction when it comes to the project. I agree that condensing the paper into an enjoyable project is a good idea and your project seems to be compelling.

  5. I agree that it’s difficult to do a short video about a lengthy paper that includes a lot of research. But you seem to have a good plan and I’m excited to see what you come up with!

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