Noize Brought Little Webster to Life

The streets were cluttered and the lights shined bright red, indicating to all that a huge event was underway. The loud sounds of bass could be heard from outside, reaching the ears of eager listeners, antsy to dance and party to the main event. As the doors opened and techno lovers began piling into the hall, it was obvious the main objective was to be captivated by the astonishing digital sounds of Boyz Noize.

“Do you guys know what time Boyz Noize performs,” said one excited man as he hurried up the steps and toward the bar to consume more of the alcohol that could be smelled on his breath.

The streets filled with comers and goers as people took pictures, passed out fliers, smoked cigarettes and attempted to hold their liquor down, as they waited to enter Webster Hall, located on 125 east 11th street. By the sight of the sidewalk being packed with people patiently waiting to hear the electronic sounds of the gifted DJ, it became no shock that this night in Webster would be one to remember.

When looking at Webster Hall, the small house like appearance can be deceiving, until you enter and find three floors, each with wide open dancing space, capable of holding large crowds. Certain areas of the floor were carpeted and black light shined in various places throughout the club, even the bathrooms in the lower levels.

The floors vibrated and the walls shook as the sounds penetrated each corner of the fog filled hall. Groups gathered around each of the three bars located on every floor with bartenders’ running back and forth making sure to get everyone’s order.

When the clock finally hit 1 am, fans charged upstairs to hear what they all paid for, Boyz Noize, and he didn’t disappoint. The German DJ took control of the masses with quick, pulsating synthesized beats that literally could be felt through the body like an additional pulse. Spectators jumped to the sounds that shot from the advanced computerized equipment as DJ Alexander Ridha mixed and scratched.

Beginning in 2004, Ridha or as known by his stage name, Boyz Noize has received a number of awards including the 2010 Independent Music Award as well as Best Electronic Artist on Beatport for three years straight. These achievements are among a few that have earned the title as one of the most valuable electronic artists.

Ridha has worked on multiple albums such as “Death Suite” and “Lemonade,” collaborating with a number of artists. He has also remixed and worked on various songs with such artists and music talents as The Chemical Brothers, N.E.R.D, Snoop Dogg and the Black Eyed Peas.

Without a doubt, Boyz Noize has a knack for stealing the show with his bright, multicolored strobe lights and multiple screened monitors flashing his name, as well as lights, further amazing the audience.

Though, he mysteriously appeared out of nowhere without being announced, once the beats exploded from his turntables and computers through the large speakers upstairs, crowds throughout the club, on each floor, rushed to the stage. The night was of epic proportion as people seemingly worshipped his feet as his synthesized music penetrated the ears and gave Webster Hall a unique heartbeat.

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