Seven Day Log

Day 1: After hearing the instructions I tried making an account but couldn’t because of the IP. Later the same day I tried doing it at home but couldn’t make an account there either. So I decided to choose my woman in red for the meantime.

Day 2: I visited my grandma the next and tried making my account there and finally worked. I created my account and started watching videos to learn how to use Wikipedia since it was my first time using it to edit/create articles.

Day 3: I did the “Wikipedia Adventure” which was confusing for me at first but after a while I figured it out. It helped me a little bit, since as I said before, it was confusing. I had to watch many videos to figure out go to edit articles and more to create one.

Day 4: After learning more about the website, I stared my research. Connie Jimenez, the woman I chose, is well known in Los Rios since she’s the governor there and is also known as Miss Ecuador (2016) so I was surprised to find her name in the list.

Day 5: I started my draft on Google Docs and added many websites there with her information. I also found her social media which showed many things/accomplishments she had done lately. I also found a Wikipedia profile but it was in Spanish so I decided to translate it.

Day 6: When I finished translating the article I was ready to post it, or so I thought. I didn’t know it was going to be difficult to create an article but there was a whole process. I also had to follow a certain format which was expected but it took me longer than expected to of it.

Day 7: I finally posted my draft after watching many videos on how to post an article and revising it many times. Although my article was taken down, I liked doing this project. I wasn’t aware about the gender bias going on here since I don’t really use Wikipedia.

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