Ten point program

Amari Asante

  1. We want no party divisions for better laws.
  2. We want permanent equality
  3. We want an end to police brutality
  4. We want better methods to prevent global warming
  5. We want free education
  6. We want more protected areas of green
  7. We want better diplomatic relations
  8. We want free medical treatment
  9. We want the stoppage of weapon manufacturing
  10. We want more homeless job opportunities
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3 Responses to Ten point program

  1. I agree with the part of free medical treatment, it’s been a big problem of the society for the poor especially in the pandemic period where unemployment due to quarantine made it worse for those who couldn’t afford medical insurance.

  2. HOPE KI says:

    Completely agree with statements 5 & 8. Having access to education and medical care should be not a privilege but much rather a given for all citizens. Education starts from early childhood until your late teens, it should be free and accessible for every student. Healthcare should be free as it ensures the safety of humans. They are basic necessities!

  3. Global warming is very important, in these recent days we have seen the temperature change rapidly, some days it’s so cold that we don’t want to leave our beds, and other days it’s warm enough for a hoodie alone. This is something we shouldn’t over look! Astronomical writing!

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