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For this project, I am using my essay from our Women in Red essay with a focus on Brenda L. Strong Frazier and am making a visual presentation of the topic. Covering gender bias, abortion rights, gender equality, laws and more.

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Final Reflection

This semester was a difficult one. I constantly felt like I was suffocating, lacked the motivation to go to any of my classes and that is nobody’s fault but my own. The assignments for this class were interested, topics I found extremely important. I could have put way more effort into my assignments, but I scrambled to get everything done before this final deadline. I enjoyed my research for the Black Panther Party assignments. It feels embarrassing to admit, but before that I wasn’t aware of the party. This class has educated me on more than just how to write an essay, but on real issues in the world and their roots. I enjoyed the Women In Red project as I am BIG on female empowerment and women’s rights. It is a form of activism near and dear to my heart so getting to learn more about the disadvantages women have faced was compelling.

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Creative Remix

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Bridgeview Diner

One of my favorite local hangout spots is a diner in Brooklyn called Bridgeview. This place is the definition of “feels like home”. I discovered this gem when I was around 14 years old. I was a theatre kid and after our final performance we had this tradition of going to dinner as a cast. The original diner we had always gone to closed and we found this one. That is my first memory in that diner. I am now almost 19 and have become a regular as I’ve grown. My best friend and I go there quite often, it’s our comfort place. We can sit and talk and talk and talk for hours at those booths as I order my chocolate chip pancakes and she, a cheeseburger as well as the occasional waffle fries we share. Bridgeview was the first place our other friend Danny hung out with us for the first time, and although he is away at college now, we still go with him anytime he’s home. My mom, dad, brother and I have all gone there for breakfast a couple times, had dinner with my aunt there and I have even gone on a date at the diner. It’s a staple to my teenage years, sitting amongst the same, but much older people each time I go. The dinner is only fully packed on Saturday mornings, there you will find families out to breakfast. However, the other 6 days out of the week are filled with seniors sipping their coffee and reading the newspapers they have out front.

What is your reaction to the article? What aspects of the dining experience at Sarapes are most appealing to you? Which images or quotes stood out most? Would you ever want to dine at Sarapes?

Just reading this article made me want to take the drive and eat at Sarapes. The pictures made it feel so homey and welcoming. The inside seems to look like an at home kitchen which adds to it, along with the genuine smiles. My favorite picture is the one where a man and women are dancing in what seems to be the middle of the restaurant as well as singing karaoke.

Adrian Martinez Chavez, the photographer whose grandparents started the restaurant, said, “Knowing that my family has provided food for the community for so long and people depend on it and love it, it is so special to me.” How do local restaurants, or food in general, bring your community together?

Local restaurants can be a staple to both big and small towns/cities. There are usually regulars who go often and get to know each other as well as the staff. These places assist residents in forming connections.

If you were asked by The Times to write an article about your favorite local hangout, what would be your headline? What photographs would you include? Whom would you interview?

If The Times asked me to write an article about Bridgeview Diner, the headline would be “A Bay Ridge Gem”, I would include pictures of the old couples sitting in their booths, the hostess who is always there to greet you, the bar stools by the cornbread and the families who go there for birthdays. I would interview the regulars who always sit at the same booths, the girl working the register to pay your bill, the hostess, and the families that go there.

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10 Point Program

By Gabriella Gonzalez  

  1. Abortion Rights for All. We want Roe v. Wade to be put back into place, it is nobody’s business as to why someone may need access to a safe abortion anywhere in the United States and they should NEVER be punished for this basic human right to their own body. 
  1. Better Access to Mental Health Resources. A quarter of people who are homeless are mentally ill and just haven’t been given the proper resources to help them.  
  1. Gun Control Across the Country. Why is it this easy to own a firearm? Firearms should not just be handed out, so to say, we need to be much stricter in the distribution of guns.  
  1. Food is WAY to Expensive. As a basic necessity, needed to survive, food should not be priced how it currently is. This is causing families to go hungry across America and its appalling that no action has been taken.  
  1. Stop Animal Abuse. Over 6.5 million pets are abandoned each year and only 1 out of 10 dogs born will find a forever home, which is why spaying/neutering is so important.  
  1. Healthcare for All. In other countries healthcare is nowhere near this expensive.  
  1. Affordable Education. Why is college so expensive? The system is against us, college should be affordable for all, if not free.  
  1. Nobody Should Be Above the Law. In way to many instances, people of power have gotten away with crimes that “normal people” would go to jail for years for.  
  1. Justice for Rape Victims. Less than 1% of rape cases end in a felony conviction, this is sickening.  
  1. Women Deserve Equal Pay. It is the 21st century people, why is this still up for debate! 
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Hi, I’m Gabriella Gonzalez but my friends call me Gab! I am a second semester freshman here at Baruch and am majoring in Political Science. I consider myself to be somewhat of an extrovert. I love all animals (especially dogs), have been a dancer for 16 years now, and don’t really love school (but honestly who really does?). I am currently between going on the path of being a lawyer or being a teacher. I’ve always loved kids and this past year have started not only teaching dance at my old studio but am also now a middle school after-school teacher. However, although part of my heart lies in the educator realm, I have a deep interest in all things law.  

In class I interviewed Yuning. He just transferred from City College, he had heard Baruch excelled in his major which is Marketing Management. He commutes a whole hour and a half to come to school from Long Island. Props to him since we have a 7:50am class that I barely wake up for. He also came to America fairly recently, 2018, from China. The past few years hes been working on navigating his new life here in America.  

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