Hi, I’m Gabriella Gonzalez but my friends call me Gab! I am a second semester freshman here at Baruch and am majoring in Political Science. I consider myself to be somewhat of an extrovert. I love all animals (especially dogs), have been a dancer for 16 years now, and don’t really love school (but honestly who really does?). I am currently between going on the path of being a lawyer or being a teacher. I’ve always loved kids and this past year have started not only teaching dance at my old studio but am also now a middle school after-school teacher. However, although part of my heart lies in the educator realm, I have a deep interest in all things law.  

In class I interviewed Yuning. He just transferred from City College, he had heard Baruch excelled in his major which is Marketing Management. He commutes a whole hour and a half to come to school from Long Island. Props to him since we have a 7:50am class that I barely wake up for. He also came to America fairly recently, 2018, from China. The past few years hes been working on navigating his new life here in America.  

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