Interview Questions

Hello everyone, my name is Jianping Chen, and feel free to call me Alan. I am now a freshman majoring in CIS. I am introverted, so if you see me not looking into your eyes during the conversation or walking down the hallway without eye contact, trust me, I whisper hello a thousand times deep in my heart. I am trying my best to become a cheerful extrovert, at least I am trying my best to pretend I am. I like to hear relaxing piano music and I strongly recommend the music group, Mili, their music is the best!

I interviewed Jing Wang for the interview question, she is also a freshman majoring in CIS. She likes to spend her money on the desert, and she likes to share snakes with her friends. She always gives others the illusion that she owns a snake store. She was also a big fan of anime, her favorite anime was Akame ga KILL! She can’t express how much she loves that anime.

Sloth by Mili

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