Interview Questions

Hi my name is Amy Lee. I am a freshman majoring in International business. I commute from Queens almost everyday which I hate. I’m pretty quiet most of the time but with friends I guess I can say I’m outgoing. An ideal day for me is to spend the day alone by myself. I would love to wake up early and hit the gym come back home and watch my favorite shows while eating a good breakfast. I would probably want to go out later to shop and eat out by myself. Honestly there is nothing much I want to do, I would just want my own free time to myself without anyone talking to me. I want to just be left alone and do my nails or crotchet something cute

In class I interviewed Hope. She commutes from Queens just like I do and hates waking up early. Hope wants to be motivated throughout the semester because she tends to stress a lot with her work. Just like me I’ve been stressing too much over assignments and quizzes coming up. If she had to choose a superpower she said she would love to have the ability to store information in her mind or mind read because it would help her a lot during tests and studying.

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  1. Hey Amy! I would also hate that commute, it must be super long which sucks. Like you, I value my time alone so I can totally relate. Wishing you the best this semester!

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