Amy Lee’s Film Review

These three women had significant roles in the Black Panther Party, and their services are addressed in the short clip “These Women Were the Unsung Heroes of the Black Panther Party.” Even though women also committed brave acts in the party, it showed how men receive more credit for them. The lack of recognition given to women within the Black Panther Party seemed unfair. For their efforts to the party, Elaine Brown, Kathleen Cleaver, and Angela Davis were acknowledged in the video. Elaine Brown, a chairwoman of the Black Panther Party, was credited with founding several nonprofit organizations that aimed to increase the black community’s access to justice. Kathleen Cleaver and Angela Davis was also involved in fighting for the community. I believe women should be more recognized in historical moments. In other historical photos or documents, I usually see men getting the recognition even if there are women that have done the same.

Edit: The “Judas and the Black Messiah”, video was very powerful and made me feel emotional watching how much they’ve gone through to fight for their community. When Fred Hampton got thrown under the bus, killed, I felt the same emotion of being betrayed. This movie helped me understand more about the Black Panther Party. The organization was created to protect the black community from police brutality and unnecessary suffering.

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2 Responses to Amy Lee’s Film Review

  1. ADAM MAPOY says:

    I find this very interesting and informative. I had not previously known about the contributions of these women, and I’m glad I do now. Even in today’s society women’s contributions are overshadowed by men’s.

  2. AMARI ASANTE says:

    I also agree with Adam. I never knew about the contributions of those women to the movement. Women are pillars of society and its great that you brought up how men are shown more than women when getting acknowledged because that needs to change.

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