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Ten Point Program

Amy Lee, Summer Green, Ethan Jusino, Hope ki

  1. We demand affordable higher education.
  2. We demand an established secured process in order to acquire a gun.
  3. We demand a redistribution of the governments spending to the homeless and the city instead of the military.
  4. We want companies that use non renewable resource energy to be taxed and use that towards environmental groups.
  5. We want women’s reproductive rights to be left alone and to be fully up her.
  6. We demand affordable healthcare.
  7. We want the conservatives and progressives to make an equilibrium point.
  8. We want government officials penalized for wrongfully abusing power on an innocent citizen.
  9. We want drugs restricted on public grounds.
  10. We demand equality to everyone no matter the gender.
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Amy Lee’s Film Review

These three women had significant roles in the Black Panther Party, and their services are addressed in the short clip “These Women Were the Unsung Heroes of the Black Panther Party.” Even though women also committed brave acts in the party, it showed how men receive more credit for them. The lack of recognition given to women within the Black Panther Party seemed unfair. For their efforts to the party, Elaine Brown, Kathleen Cleaver, and Angela Davis were acknowledged in the video. Elaine Brown, a chairwoman of the Black Panther Party, was credited with founding several nonprofit organizations that aimed to increase the black community’s access to justice. Kathleen Cleaver and Angela Davis was also involved in fighting for the community. I believe women should be more recognized in historical moments. In other historical photos or documents, I usually see men getting the recognition even if there are women that have done the same.

Edit: The “Judas and the Black Messiah”, video was very powerful and made me feel emotional watching how much they’ve gone through to fight for their community. When Fred Hampton got thrown under the bus, killed, I felt the same emotion of being betrayed. This movie helped me understand more about the Black Panther Party. The organization was created to protect the black community from police brutality and unnecessary suffering.

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Interview Questions

Hi my name is Amy Lee. I am a freshman majoring in International business. I commute from Queens almost everyday which I hate. I’m pretty quiet most of the time but with friends I guess I can say I’m outgoing. An ideal day for me is to spend the day alone by myself. I would love to wake up early and hit the gym come back home and watch my favorite shows while eating a good breakfast. I would probably want to go out later to shop and eat out by myself. Honestly there is nothing much I want to do, I would just want my own free time to myself without anyone talking to me. I want to just be left alone and do my nails or crotchet something cute

In class I interviewed Hope. She commutes from Queens just like I do and hates waking up early. Hope wants to be motivated throughout the semester because she tends to stress a lot with her work. Just like me I’ve been stressing too much over assignments and quizzes coming up. If she had to choose a superpower she said she would love to have the ability to store information in her mind or mind read because it would help her a lot during tests and studying.

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