Ten-point program 

  1. We want to protect women rights to an abortion  .
  2. We want to have universal healthcare .
  3. We want cops to protect our people in high danger areas.
  4.  We want to provide more income to low-income schools .
  5. We want to have a stronger Boarder.
  6. We want to have affordable rent .
  7. We want to have better Gun control.
  8. We want to have a safer transit .
  9. We want forever lasting peace between all of the Nations. 
  10. We want to provide shelter to homeless animals. 
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5 Responses to Ten-point program 

  1. I agree on providing shelters to homeless animals. This is a problem that I feel should of been solved by now. I still see a lot of homeless animals roaming the streets looking for food and shelter. Although we can only do so much to help them I feel as though together we can fund shelters to provide better homes for future pets!

  2. SUMMER GREEN says:

    I really resonate with your desire to bring funding to low income schools. I feel like it is an issue that gets overlooked so often , despite its prevalence in the lives of so many Americans!

  3. One that caught my eye is “shelter to homeless animals”, I feel that sometimes we overlook and forget that animals are also living creatures that feel everything we feel. I feel this can also be applied to the law like more laws protecting animals from abusive owners (like in a circus, or in a zoo).

  4. JOSEPH BELLO says:

    I agree, the border should be stronger to ensure the safety of the American citizens living near it.

  5. I really agree with your program proposing better transit safety, with everything going on recently in train stations, all the violence, robberies, people falling onto tracks etc. We are in dire need of better safety in that area.

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