Jason Hernandez. Ten Point Program

  1. More police patrolling around multiple train stops
  2. More government spending towards the community
  3. School programs should be offered more often for students in need
  4. Cheaper medicine for poor communities
  5. People of different groups deserve equal treatment
  6. More awareness of racial discrimination
  7. Awareness of drug usage and how to control this
  8. Equality for the LGBTQ+ community
  9. Higher work pay
  10. More immigration programs
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5 Responses to Jason Hernandez. Ten Point Program

  1. YINELDI DIAZ says:

    I personally agree with the the third point since schools should be more involved to those in need. We need more programs in our education.

  2. HOPE KI says:

    Definitely agree with everyone’s points. Medicine is super expensive without insurance and should be cheaper. Equality for race, gender, and sexuality should be more fought for as discrimination is a struggle we are still facing. We need these changes in our nation!

  3. I definitely agree on the first one. I take the train almost everywhere and I feel very unsafe with some of the things I have witnessed. I would feel safer if there were officers at most train stops that you could call to for help!

  4. EVAN RIVERA says:

    I agree with point 4 medicine and Medicare is typically very expensive for your average American especially if you do not have insurance. Most lower class and homeless people lack basic health needs and changing that will benefit them greatly.

  5. JOSEPH BELLO says:

    I agree more of a police presence should be felt on subway stations to make it safer to travel.

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